Hello people! I am a PC User who is interested in black midis. I have been very interested and have made some of my own, i could not use FL Studio [It costs lots of money and has a virus with the free download]. If you have any tips for making black midis, Please edit this page or post in the comments. [Please, do not delete this!]

Additional Info:

  • I use modplug tracker to black
  • My largest black midi yet was about 30000 notes.

My 1st black midi [OpenMPT]

Red Zone Black 12k-002:15

Red Zone Black 12k-0


Consider using Domino (SynthFont, SSW, etc. are acceptable)

FL Studio is not a virus, ignore your antivirus

MIDI is in capitals

Domino makes it way easier to do note art because of the piano roll, also you can identify which note is which

Use CoolSoft or BASSMIDI for audio, for soundfonts use Z-Doc's ones or SGPn/Arachno. You can also use FL Studio's plugin "Fruity Soundfont Player" for rendering audio for a video (keep in mind that it is incredibly time consuming). Synthfont is also a good tool for audio rendering.

Try to avoid overlapping and sustained notes as they just makes lots of lag, assuming you want to create a good black MIDI.

Note drums can be acceptable if used correctly

Glissandos and arpeggios are common

No uncontrolled note spam, if used it should be used for a small period of time and not just a gigantic wall of notes on a single track. If you however decide to use note spam, reduce the volume of the notes so it doesn't ruin the audio.

Chords repeating quickly at a 64th note rate or higher are sometimes great when velocity is done correctly

Do not add too many octaves

Make sure note art fits the rhythm and make sure it isn't the same for the whole song

There are many advanced techniques but I'm too lazy to put them down.

- BedrockSolid

In order to create excellent Black MIDIs, music knowledge is highly recommended.

The chords of every key, major and minor, 1st and 2nd inversions, if used correctly can achieve great musicality in the genre of Black MIDI.

As for the Blackening Parts, use velocity wisely; too much 1 velocity spam renders a Black MIDI obsolete.

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