CyberLink PowerDirector is a video editing software application for non-linear video editing, published by CyberLink Corporation. PowerDirector allows users to capture, edit and output from within the software and has semi-professional features suitable for the consumer level. It can export movies up to 4K with no problem.

Abilities Edit

Pd12 home screen

PowerDirector 12 home where you can edit videos

  • Voice capture
  • 4K video editing
  • Can read any video format (Such Matroska, Lagarith Codec etc.)
  • Perfect green screen plug-in

Blackers that use CyberLink PowerDirector Edit

Pd12 home screen

PowerDirector 12 boot screen

  • RetroUniversalHT
  • EpreTroll
  • KaleidonKep99

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

Advantages Edit

  • It can speed up max to 1000x
  • The green screen plug-in is extremely accurate
  • Optimized for 4th generation Intel Core's processors
  • It's possible to create max to 200 tracks (100 audio tracks + 100 video tracks)

Disadvantages Edit

  • It can be very slow with Windows 8's computers
  • Not optimized for 32-bit operating systems