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Derplet1 was a member of the BMT who made and showcased MIDIs. He was usually active, while sometimes taking large hiatuses over equipment problems. He left on July 12, 2014.


Derplet1 joined the BMT sometime in early 2013. He made his first MIDI called WTFmaster, which is meant to be a parody of Necrofantasia. Later on he made better MIDIs. His original computer crashed after an HDD failure, so he went and got a newer one. He made a Dead Zone 2 Million MIDI, along with what was going to be the Shut Up trilogy, but didn't make the third one completely before he resigned.

Computer specsEdit

Shit specs

Computer specs for Derplet's old craptop. The HDD failed in it, so Derplet wiped everything on it and installed Ubuntu.

Current PC specs:

OS: Windows 8.1

Computer: Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7283

Processor: AMD A4-5000 APU

Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD Graphics ( i don't know )


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