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Graham Bill is a member of CBMT that plays and makes MIDIs. He is only active on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Expect summer and winter break because these two days causes he always active). Graham insulted the KBMT (Korea Black MIDI Team) on May 19th by uploading "Retrospective Kyoto 300,000 notes" video, then he apologize it. But this causes the KBMT always hates him.


Graham Bill joined YouTube on June 1st, 2013, the Children's Day. He made his first Black Midi called "Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye", which contains 1.24 million notes. Then he made another black MIDI based on TheSuperMarioBros2's "Super Moldy Apple", aka "Bad Apple!! 0.78 million notes", and published the 2.2 million notes (aka Version 4) version but got a dislike from the original author. 

But something worst happened. On May 19th he uploaded "Retrospective Kyoto 300,000 notes" video, which steals KBMT's technique. Then [Black]LEB and Johnson W.(both Korean) shouted at him. After this he deleted the video and posted a apologize passage on Google+. After this, Graham takes care at his and his friends' MIDIs.

Computer SpecsEdit

Usually used laptop Intel Core I3 380M 2.5Ghz 2GB ATI Radeon HD 5650 Windows 7 Ultmate
Crappy desktop AMD Athlon 5000+ 2.64 Ghz 2GB Nvidia geforce 7025 Windows XP

Graham didn't ranked anything in BMT Computer's perfomace.