Jarre is a free program created by Piotr Borek, that looks similar to Piano From Above. Jarre was created as a Java Executable, which means it requires Sun's Java 6.0 or OpenJDK-1.6 to run.

This program is intended for playing virtual piano on your computer. It can also practice songs on it. It is able to use various keys on the keyboard on the computer to play the piano. It also gives the user many options for the purpose of customization such as chord settings, octave settings, etc.

The program is a bit complicated to use, as there are several key binds within the program which makes it possible to do things unintendedly.

Latest Version: 0.3

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros: Edit

  • Can play midis well and is faster than Synthesia
  • Note display can be scaled down lower than PFA (scaling it down too far can cause Jarre to crash)

Cons Edit

  • MIDIs over 200,000 notes can take really long to load, in comparison to PFA
  • Low MIDI performance (lag points on songs lag longer than on PFA)