Keep in mind that many factors go into play in this list such as:

  • Operating system (Windows 8 worsens performance, whereas Windows 7 is optimal)
  • Soundfont (larger soundfonts are more bearing on the system's resources)
  • Synth (or lack of synth; different synths are better at handling MIDIs)
  • CPU: single-core performance (The MIDI Muffin has the best CPU in the team but because it is 6 core, it does not work well in single-core environments) (Intel Haswell CPUs have much higher performance in MIDIs than older microarchitertures). 
  • GPU: Graphics performance for Synthesia and MIDITrail.
  • Computer load at the time (what programs were open, etc.)

This list is based on MIDI performance (most MIDI programs are single core so multi-core CPUs might not benefit), not full out performance.

CPU/MIDI Performance (mostly influenced by single-thread scores at CPUBenchmark)Edit

# User CPU Clock RAM MIDI Synth GPU OS
1 Carlos Santana Montjoy Core 2 Quad Q6700 3.20 GHz OC 4 GB RAM CoolSoft/BASSMIDI Geforce GT440/Intel GMA 950 Windows 7
2 TheSuperMarioBros2 A4-3300M 1.90 GHz 8 GB RAM CoolSoft/BASSMIDI Radeon HD 6480G Windows 7
3 TheGamingNinja759 Pentium 4 3.00 GHz 6 GB RAM CoolSoft/BASSMIDI nVidia Quadro NVS 290 Windows 7
4 Carlos Santana Montjoy Celeron D 3.33 GHz 2 GB RAM 'CoolSoft/BASSMIDI Intel GMA 950 Windows 7
5 KaleidonKep99 Pentium 4 2.80 GHz 512 MB RAM CoolSoft/BASSMIDI Intel Extreme Graphics II Windows XP

CPU Performance (Multi-Core via PassMark)Edit

# (MIDI Perfomace) User CPU Default CPU Clock Current CPU Clock Max Turbo Clock PassMark Score
1 Carlos Santana Montjoy Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 GHz 3.20 GHz OC - 3349 Marks
2 TheSuperMarioBros2 A4-3300M 1.9 GHz 1.9 GHz 2.5 GHz 1235 Marks
3 TheGamingNinja759 Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 3.0 GHz - 361 Marks
4 KaleidonKep99 Pentium 4 2.8 GHz 2.9 GHz (Factory) - 331 Marks
5 Carlos Santana Montjoy Celeron D 3.33 GHz 4.1 GHz OC - 327 Marks

GPU Performance (via PassMark)Edit

  1. Carlos Santana Montjoy [GeForce 440]
  2. TheSuperMarioBros2 [Radeon HD 6480G]
  3. Carlos Santana Montjoy [Intel GMA 950]
  4. TheGamingNinja759 [Quadro NVS 290]
  5. KaleidonKep99 [Intel Extreme Graphics II]

* = Windows 7 performances

** = There isn't evidence

! = Original channel was hacked/terminated. Name in parentheses is current Channel Name.

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