The most popular video the Black MIDI Crew has created is TheTrustedComputer's "Night of Nights 1.1 Million" with over 1.7 million views. In descending order by view count, here are 3 of the popular videos from the Black MIDI Crews:

# Video Date Uploaded Uploader BMT Member? Views Details
1 *HD* Piano Tutorial - How to play the hardest song of all time 5/29/2011 ProPianoTutorials No 11.771.240
2 Night of Nights【Impossible piano version】 5/1/2012 98Direct No 5.848.484
3 Synthesia bad apple 11/30/2012 Harry99128 No 2.854.924
4 Synthesia- Ode to Insane Joy 3/4/2013 RetroUniversalHT Yes 1.642.857
5 Synthesia - Night of (K)nights 1.1 Million 10/21/2012 TheTrustedComputer Yes 1.605.056
6 [Black MIDI Synthesia - "What does the Fox Say?" 1.1 Million Notes - The Fox - Ylvis] 10/6/2013 Gingeas Yes 1.221.132
7 Bad Apple (Hardest songs on piano ever #6) 7/21/2012 ThunderKingHell No 955.142
8 Piano From Above- Crazy Little Star Of Death 3/18/2013 RetroUniversalHT Yes 784.490
9 Synthesia - Night of Nights black 84,000 notes 8/30/2012 TheTrustedComputer Yes 636.127
10 Synthesia - Vocaloid: Two Faced Lovers black 8/13/2012 TheTrustedComputer Yes 410.228

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