Synthesia - Night of (K)nights 103:47

Synthesia - Night of (K)nights 1.1 Million

TheTrustedComputer's Night of Nights 1.1 Million Notes Video. It has over 1,400,000 views.

Night of Nights is a remix of Flowering Night (which is Sakuya's theme in the 9th Touhou game) and this remix was composed by COOL&CREATE. The first black MIDI of this song was uploaded on Nico Nico Douga by 白鷺ゆっきー@黒雪ごはん (Shirasagi Yukki @ Kuro Yuki Gohan) a year after they uploaded Final Savage Sister Flandre S.

Night of Nights RemixesEdit

Night of Nights 504:16

Night of Nights 5.71 Million

TrollfacepalmAcer78's Night of Nights 5.71 Million Note Video

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