The Approximate note count limits for most MIDI Programs. These limits are affected by your computer's RAM, OS (32 or 64 Bit) and MIDI program version you are using

When it becomes to MIDITrail, there are limits on how many notes can show on PCs using Nvidia, AMD and Intel video cards. More information can be found by clicking the MIDITrail name on the list below.

MIDI Program Without the 4GB Patch (32 Bit) With the 4GB Patch (32 Bit w/ 4 GB Patch) 64 Bit
Synthesia 0.8.x/9.x ~2-4 Million ~6-7 Million (Usually) Unavailable
Synthesia 10.x ~8 Million ~8 Million No 64 bit version yet
PFA ~5-6 Million ~16-17 Million ~500 Million (Limited)
MIDITrail ~5-6 Million ~15 Million Untested
MIDIJam ~370,000 ~1.5 Million No 64 bit version yet
vanBasco's Kar. Untested ~400-500 Million The project is dead
TMIDI Untested ~400-500 Million Untested
BASSMIDI Tester Untested ~400-500 Million No 64 bit version yet
MAMPlayer ~800,000 Untested The project is dead
SSW 10 Untested Untested ~8 Million (Limited)
Timidity++ xperia64 edition ~10 Million ~10 Million No 64-bit version yet.

(also restricted to 256MB RAM)

SynthFont ~40 Million ~40 Million No 64-bit version yet.
Bedrock's MIDI Player Untested Untested Depends on synth and RAM, 8GB RAM w/ CoolSoft = ~30-40 million

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