TMIDI Player
Developer Fummy
Currrent Status Abandonned
License Type Closed Source
Platform Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Release date 1996
CPU Architecture x86
Current version 3.8.6 (25th June, 2001)

TIMIDI Player is a software by Fummy that is used for playing MIDIs. It only uses little memory so it doesn't lag that much. Like in Domino, the velocity, volume, reverb, chorus, panpot etc. are displayed. Information about the MIDI can be located at the upper and lower part of the window. Additionally, the player is also capable of playing MIDI files that cannot be played by other MIDI players (truncated or invalid files).[1] Not to be confused with TMIDI.

Pros and ConsEdit

「Black MIDI」TMIDI Player Septette for the Dead Princess 1405:05

「Black MIDI」TMIDI Player Septette for the Dead Princess 14.9 Million notes


  • Doesn't lag much
  • Loads MIDIs faster compared to other softwares


  • Stops to play at massive crash points.

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