The config window in TiMidity++.

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This article is talking about a precompiled version of Timidity++ based on an outdated version from 2009.  'Please update this article to reflect the latest version of the software.

TiMidity++ is a MIDI synthesizer driver that is used in conjunction with MIDI Programs, as opposed to the conventional Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. It lags less than most synths.


Sound Set (Depending on the version): Built-in *.pat* files and/or Built-in soundfonts (A320U.sf2 + Piano-mgg.sf2)/Any *.sf2* files

Polyphony: It's forced by a line in the source code.

Readme: Yes

Path: C:\timidity

Approximate Maximum Notes: Depends on the max polyphony

Sound Quality: Medium-High

MIDI OUT Port: "TiMidity++ Driver"



  • Lags a hefty bit less than other synths
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of soundfont in some versions
  • Can easily be switched without freezing
  • Lower minimum requirements than BASSMIDI and CoolSoft


  • Can be buggy
  • Outdated (2009)